Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gel nails

I LOVE gel nails!

I am someone who washes their hands a lot. Therefore I need my nails to be able to last. I got sick of having to redo my manicure every couple days. No matter if I used a base coat or Seche Vite (the best) topcoat. They would chip so bad! I can't stand chipped nails. They make me mad lol 

So about two years ago I got shellac and never looked back. I don't always have my nails done;sometimes I just buff my nails and apply a nail strengthener and cuticle oil every few days. When a more important expense comes up I go without my beloved gel nails. That's what being an adult is about *sigh*

Anyway, I used to get acrylic nails put on then a gel overlay on top but I got tired of having to nurse my natural nails back to health between each application. The acrylic nails really make my nails thin and brittle. Now I only get the gel on my natural nails.

With acrylic nails

The bronze color with shimmer reminds me of fall. It will go good with my Thanksgiving outfit hehe

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